Meet the Team

Our mission is to develop, deliver, market and support a wide array of innovative pharmacy distribution solutions that increase access to low-cost medications, improve health outcomes and improve the customer experience at the point of pharmacy service.

Board of Directors

The Wellpartner team is lead by a dedicated and active Board of Directors. Our board members bring a wealth of industry and financial experience to our company. We greatly appreciate their long term commitment to our company, clients, patients and all of our other stakeholders.

James P. Bradley
Chairman of the Board, Wellpartner, Inc.

Caley Castelein, MD
Managing Member, Kearny Venture Partners

Andy Dale
Managing Director, Montlake Capital

Sam Gray
Partner, Apposite Capital LLP

James R. Love
Chief Executive Officer, Wellpartner, Inc.

Paul A. Howard
Founding Partner, Mediphase Venture Partners

Hans Lundin
Chief Financial Officer, Point B Capital