November Election Results

The results of the November elections portend important changes to our healthcare industry. We expect the new Congress’ first action to be the repeal of certain portions of the Affordable Care Act. While we do not expect this to have a direct impact on the 340B Program, any time legislation is moving through either the Senate or the House there is cause for concern. Each piece of healthcare legislation offers the opportunity to insert language concerning the 340B Program. In addition, the uncertainty surrounding the release of HRSA’s 340B mega-guidance continues.

It remains essential that Covered Entities participating in the 340B Drug Pricing Program – the key stakeholders – stay engaged and take a stand in preserving the program that serves your most vulnerable patients as well as your community.

How can Covered Entities make sure that the Program remains intact and that changes focus on expansion and optimization, not contraction? Again we urge you to follow these four simple steps – We are confident they will be highly effective:

Get the facts.
Know who the newly elected officials are and where they stand on healthcare issues, in general, and the 340B program specifically.

Give them the facts.
Make sure they know how important your work is to their state and/or district. Discuss how critical your Covered Entity is to their constituency.

Let them know the Program is working.
Tell your stories and share examples of success. The most efficient way to let the new administration know about your Program is through opinion/editorial pieces placed in local newspapers.

Set the record straight.
Opponents to the Program have been very effective in “changing the facts.” Educate the new administration regarding the truth behind this Program—that it is truly meeting its intended purpose as stated by HRSA, “The 340B Program enables covered entities to stretch scarce Federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services.”

The entire Wellpartner Team is here to serve as an information source for 340B-related news and analysis, and to partner with you to advocate on behalf of the lives and communities serviced.
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